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A new page Two sides of a Coin featuring forecasts from both sides of the Political Metals divide is now online.
Apr 07 Ben Davies discusses Gold Manipulation & Gold ETFs on CNBC Asia
Apr 07 The Silver Liberation Army Has Launched Our Official Website!
Apr 06 Gold hits record, Silver new 31-year high, Oil tops $122 a barrel. Congrats, Ben!
Apr 01 How and Why The Elite Destroyed 3 Tons of Silver Last Week
Mar 29 Industrial Use Of Silver Forecast To Rise To 665.9 Million Ounces In 2015
Mar 28 Governor signs Legal Tender Bill. Gold is now legal tender in Utah
Mar 26 Bob Chapman: Dollar doomed, silver confiscation, $60 silver, mining shares
Mar 25 Richard Russell: Gold To Catch Fire and the Public Will Notice
Mar 07 Ted Butler: Silver Shocker – Discussion on Silver COT
Feb 24 Eric Sprott: The Government Lied…. There is no more silver!
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