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“I purchased my physical silver at $45.88/oz”

An interesting extract from Jim’s Mailbox.

Mr. Sinclair,

I am writing you because I think you are the real deal in the precious metal markets. I am in my mid sixties and got into silver almost one year ago. I made a big mistake and purchased my physical silver at $45.88/oz. It was for me a big purchase as it was 80% of my life savings. All the males in my family history died in their sixties. So I figure I have around 10-15 years at most to go. My question is with silver now running a surplus, do you think with all the manipulation, that I have any chance of seeing silver hit my purchase price again in the next 10-15 years? I thought when I purchased it, $100/oz. was around the corner. I now see investment demand, reflected in 2012 eagle sales dropping way off, is now down. I think investors are defeated with all the crashes.

Thanks for any input you may provide me in giving me hope or direction. Are we headed for the twenties or forties?

Thanks for all you do,




You are going to be ok in your silver position, however in the future you buy when weekly prices looks like a fishing line. You sell 1/3 when weekly prices looks like a Rhino horn.

Cut this out and paste it on your computer. Let us call this the “Two commandments in Precious Metals.”

All the best,


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