Silver Manipulation


March 5, 2011 | PoliticalMetals


Watch this 2-part interview with Adrian Douglas, propriator of Market Force Analysis, where he explains the silver market manipulation scheme. Based on his analysis of fundamentals, he opinines that one day silver may trade close to or higher than gold. Adrian also argues against investing in SLV and GLD ETFs.

March 4, 2011. Interview of Adrian Douglas Part 1 of 2. By Future Money Trends

The mentioned article containing cross plots showing past correlation between Comex price of gold and silver and how that has been recently broken can be found here: Silver breaks its golden shakles“.


In part 2, Adrian talks about how and possibly when silver manipulation could end. Other topics covered include Silver backwardation in Comex silver contracts, PMs junior mining stocks, deflation, inflation & hyperinflation. A self-explanatory chart showing silver backwardation as at Feb 25, 2011 can be found below the video.

March 4, 2011. Interview of Adrian Douglas Part 2 of 2. By Future Money Trends


Silver Backwardation Chart

Silver Backwardation Chart. Click to enlarge

The mentioned article about why there can be no deflation in a fiat monetary system can be found here: “Deflation - Where is the Beast



March 8, 2011 | PoliticalMetals


Theodore Butler

Silver analyst Ted Butler provided compelling evidence of silver price supression by JP Morgan and big US banks through his analysis of the recent trading data released by the Comex.

…. We know now that concentration is the prime requisite for manipulation. To witness the most concentrated participant suddenly increase its silver short position by more than 30% is something almost beyond comprehension.

The fact that JPMorgan was the sole seller is the clearest proof possible that silver has been manipulated.


Read the full article here: Silver Shocker



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