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I was planning for early retirement, and was looking to “invest” in something to preserve my purchasing power, fully aware that failing to do so would result in my hard earned savings being wiped out by the current high inflation, impending hyperinflation and/or currency debasement.

Scouring the web for information on “investing” in gold & silver, I heard one group of analyst exclaiming “buy now before the price explodes!”, and another saying “sell – gold is in a bubble”. Yet another said “wait for a correction - the price has gone up too much recently”. As a novice, I was all confused. They talked about the Comex, Gold and Banking Cartels, FED, Market Manipulations, LBMA, COT, CFTC, Fiat Money, etc… all Greek to me!

That was years ago, when the awareness of gold and silver was much lower and the MSM practically silent on this subject. More recently, with news of gold hitting all time highs being reported in MSM, friends have been discussing with me about “investing” in gold. Having experienced how time consuming sieving through mountains of information on the web can be, I’ve decided to compile some of the more helpful resources into this website, and to keep you updated with current developments through a blog.

Here’s a summary of my views on “investing” in gold &  silver - and the theme of this website.

  1. Do not invest in gold or silver. Own them in place of Fiat Money
  2. Measure your savings in ounces of gold & silver rather than dollars & cents
  3. Gold & silver are Political Metals (PMs) rather than Precious Metals because:-
    • Politicians & bankers hate gold & silver and gold/silver-backed currencies
    • They love Fiat Money that can be created in unlimited quantities out of thin air
    • Gold & silver are direct competitors of Fiat Money, therefore…
    • Western governments have been suppressing the price of gold & silver
  4. U.S. Government debt and deficit spending have Crossed the Rubicon
  5. The days of Fiat Money are numbered. Its demise may occur in our lifetime

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Although this site is about gold and silver, you’ll notice that “Federal Reserve” stands out most prominently in the Tag Cloud. This is due to my emphasis on the political nature of these two monetary metals.

A more in-depth discussion on this view is in my first two posts. They offer a cursory look into the influence of Central Banks in general and the Federal Reserve System in particular over matters involving gold & silver.

  1. Precious Metals or Political Metals?
  2. Investing in PMs  or Holding PMs?

Topics covered include: Gold Price Suppression, Performance in 2010, Reasons for Upside Potential, Volatility, Store of Value, Comparison with Stocks, 3 Phases of the Bull Market, Precautions.

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