2012 Analyst Forecast (Date Target) Accuracy
03Feb Marc Faber Gold may not exceed $1922 this year
24Feb Egon Greyerz Silver above $50 (by end of March)
24Feb Egon Greyerz Gold above $2,000 (by end March)
17Feb Egon Greyerz Gold moves higher next week
12Feb David Morgan Silver $60 (by end 2012)
01Feb Forsyth Barr Gold $1800 (by Apr 2012)
31Jan Stephen Leeb Silver $100 (not too distant future, 2012)
19Jan Jim Sinclair Gold $2,100 (in 2012) 
2011 Analyst Forecast (Date Target) Accuracy
14Dec Dennis Gartman Gold bull market over (will rate his call end 2012)  ?
11Oct Gerald Celente Total global financial collapse (open)  ?
11Oct Robin Griffiths Gold $2,000 (Dec 2011)
06Sep Ben Davis Gold $2,100 (Sep 2011)
06Sep Ben Davis Silver mid $60′s by next quarter (Dec 2011)
30Aug UBS Gold $1,950 (Sep 2011), $2,100 (Dec 2011)
30Aug JPMorgan Gold $2,500 (Dec 2011)  
15Aug Jim Rickards USA will revalue gold to $7,000 (open)  ?

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