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NZMint 7.0 21
BullionDeals 6.5 25
MyGold ?? ??

Online Purchase means you’re able to submit an order based on online prices. When this feature is not checked, any published prices are indicative only. Orders can only be placed after obtaining a quoted price by phone, email, fax or over the counter.  

Premium Over Spot is an estimate of the difference between selling price & spot price for one piece of 1 oz gold & silver coin or closest equivalent based on published prices. “NA” indicates bullion type is not available while “?” indicates bullion type is available but there is none in the 1 oz range available for fair comparison. See “Reviews” for premiums of other products.



NZ Mint

Products1oz Gold Kiwi Coin
Gold coins: NZ Gold Kiwi, Pacific Sovereign
Gold bars: PAMP Suisse (5oz to 1kg)
Silver coins: NZ Silver Ferns, Fiji Taku
Silver bars: PAMP Suisse (1kg)

Pricing & Ordering
Publishes daily buy and sell prices at around 10am, but are seldom updated throughout the day. There are no online shopping facilities, and orders can only be initiated through the phone. Once agreed over the phone, they will email/fax you an official contract which has to be signed and returned (fax or scanned by email) within an hour to lock in the price.

For larger quantities (several hundred oz), you can negotiate for quantity discounts and/or free shipment.

Payment & Delivery
Payment has to be made in full within two hours of original fax/email by online banking. No credit cards accepted. Freight by courier usually starts at about $30. For larger orders, they may allow multiple payments over several days if the amount exceeds online banking daily limits. NO GST payable for bullion products in NZ. GST applies only to freight.

Delivery is usually swift (within days), but during periods of shortages, it could take over to 2 months!. Shipping outside NZ can be arranged, but the Mint does not cover insurance, which has to be arranged by buyer.

Prices are quoted in NZD & USD

Based on random daily quotes (login required), here’s a picture of their premiums range.

  • 1oz gold Kiwi coin - about 7% over spot
  • 1kg gold bar - about 12% over spot
  • 1oz silver Fern coin - about 21% over spot
  • 1kg silver bar - about 21% over spot

Allocated storage is offered for both gold & silver at the Mint or Safe Deposit Box.

Fees for Mint storage are 1% and 2% of bullion value for gold & silver respectively while safe deposit box fees are between $200-$250 per annum.

Buy Back
Based on random daily quotes (login required), here’s a picture of their buy-back discount range.

  • 1oz gold Kiwi coin - about 2.5% below spot
  • 1kg gold bar - about 5% below spot
  • 1oz silver Fern coin - about 6.5% below spot
  • 1kg silver bar - about 6.5% below spot

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Bullion Deals

Gold coins: Australian Kangaroo, Austrian Philharmonic, Canadian Maple Leaf
Gold bars: PAMP Suisse (1kg).
Silver coins: American Eagle & Buffalo, Austrian Philharmonic, Canadian Maple Leaf, Fiji Taku, Australian Koala
Silver bars: NTR (10oz)

Pricing & Ordering
Publishes real-time prices and orders can be initiated and completed 100% online, although phone support is available from 9am-4pm, Monday - Friday. No facilities to order odd quantities, as products are mostly packaged in lots of 10, 100 or 500 ounces.

Offers discount coupons which can be used when ordering online.

Payment & Delivery
Unlike most other dealers, they do not have a price lock-in policy. According to the Terms & Conditions, payments have to be made immediately from your online bank account through the POLI payment system. If they do not receive confirmation of your payment via the Poli payment system within 10 minutes of your order being placed, your order will automatically be cancelled, you will need to resubmit your order and payment. Payments made also be made through Paypal, which incur a 3.5% surcharge on the total product cost.

You have a choice of  free delivery (15-20 days), immediate ourier (2-5 business days) with additional cost or pick up if stock is available.

Prices are quoted in NZD only

Based on a random check for some common products, here’s a picture of their premiums range.

  • 1oz gold Maple Leaf coin - about 6.5% over spot (lot of 10 pcs)
  • 1g gold PAMP Suisse bar - about 3% over spot
  • 1 oz silver Silver Eagle coin - about 25% over spot (lot of 100 pcs)
  • 10oz silver NTR bar - about 15% over spot (lot of 10 pcs )

No storage services offered.

Buy Back
No buy back offered.

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June 2011


The above information is provided on a best-effort basis. It’s accuracy is not guaranteed, and may not reflect the most recent changes made by the service providers. Please perform your own due diligence and verify the information from their respective websites before making any decisions. The reviews are the personal opinion of the author and does not constitute any endorsement or recommendation.

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