How and Why The Elite Destroyed 3 Tons of Silver Last Week

Apr 01, 2011 | Silver Shield

I wrote a month ago in an article called Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield, that silver is a vital commodity to our way of life. I stated that silver is a precious metal that is being trashed as an industrial metal. As a result, it is within years of becoming the first metal to become extinct according to the USGS. At some point the shortage is going to become so obvious, that people are going to rush to turn in their depreciating dollars for real silver money. That is just the monetary demand of silver, the industrial and strategic demand is another huge factor we should consider.

Corporations are going to secure stockpiles of this precious commodity so as not to cause any supply disruptions in their billion dollar a year operation. Take for example the $300+ billion Apple Computer. Apple Computer’s market cap rests upon the increased sales and production of computers. If every one of their $1,500 computers has a 1/10th of an ounce of silver in it, they will spare no expense to secure silver when it becomes hard to get.

The strategic demand is even more daunting. It has been about a week since the Empire attacked the Galactic Rebels in the desert world of Libya. Reports have already surfaced about the obscene costs of this “Kinetic Military Action.” In less than a week, this war has already cost Americans $600 million dollars.  That is about $100 million a day  for this “Action.” It is far cry from the estimated daily price tag of the $300 million a day Afghan war or the $700 million a day Iraq war.

Almost half of the cost ($269 million) has come from the 191 Tomahawk missiles that have been launched into Libya. I think it is extremely interesting to know that each Tomahawk has more than a monster box (500 oz.) of silver inside of each missile. Pure silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals. When there is a $1.5 million dollar missile is being produced to secure more oil for the Empire, the Elite will use only the best materials to ensure the best performing results.

So far the US has thrown 3 tons of silver at Libya just with the Tomahawk missiles. That silver is gone forever as it is blown to a million pieces. (Never mind the poor bastards at the at the other end of missile’s target.) If we added the 191 Tomahawks from this “Kinetic Military Action” to the 288 from Gulf War 1, the 325 used in Sebia and Iraq in 98, and the 725 launched in Gulf War 2 that is just over 800,000 ounces of silver or 25 tons of silver gone forever.

That is just from the Tomahawk missile program. What about all of the other weapons programs in the Empire’s trillion dollar a year arsenal? Every smart bomb, tank, helicopter, fighter jet, bomber, naval vessel, and sophisticated electronic computer has a certain amount of silver in it. As the world starts to become a more dangerous place for the Empire, more and more silver will be destroyed forever.

One aspect of this waste that most people don’t get, is that all of this waste is done purposefully by the Elite.War is the greatest way to destroy the productive energy of humanity. The Elite want to keep us in a perpetual state of war for many reasons.

1. They want to keep their societies in fear so that people passively accept more and more government intrusion into their lives through either taxes or regulations. Look at what Americans did after 9/11 with the Patriot Act and huge war deficits.

2. By having an “enemy” for the population to vent their anger and frustration on, keeps people from looking at the real cause of their problems, the Elite that control their world. I have predicted that China will be blamed for our collapsing dollar and the Elite will try to make war against the Chinese. This will be done even though it is obvious that the Elitist banksters are the ones that have gutted America for their own personal profit and power.

3. The Elite want to destroy human labor and capital.The Elite know that if people become wealthy and debt free, they would seek to challenge the Elite’s power. Through “war”, taxes are raised and debts created on the backs of the citizens. All of the capital created by the citizens, is literally blown up overseas as it destroys the “enemy’s” infrastructure and capital. This purposeful waste of labor and capital is a heavy burden on our society and is one that is not creating a better world for us.

4. The Elite also get to line their pockets with your labor and capital. They get insider deals and contracts to build these weapons of war, support the Empire’s actions, or rebuild what we destroyed. As a result more and more power and profits are shifted to the Elite from the struggling middle class.

These combined wars cost $1 billion dollars a day and that does not include the rest of the Military Industrial Complex or the rest of the government. How much better would the world be if we did not destroy human labor and capital? This game will continue until the dollar collapses. The best way to counter this trend and protect yourself is to save your labor and capital by buying silver instead of blowing it up in the deserts of Libya.

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