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Revisiting The Creature From Jekyll Island

Understanding the U.S. Federal Reserve System (Fed) is a prerequisite to understanding the role and behaviour of gold and to a lesser extent silver. And to understand the Fed, there’s no better place to start than the book by G. Edward Griffin The Creature From Jekyll Island.

If you’ve read the book or listened to one of his talks following its initial publication in 1974, you’ll be amazed to see the things he wrote about the Fed happening right before your eyes. It’s indeed refreshing to hear directly from the man himself in his recent interview with Sean of SGTReport.

Part 1: Edward Griffin talks to Sean of SGTReport about the difference between a Government & a Protectorate.The purpose of state is not to govern us, not to provide for us, not to take care of us, not to tell us what to do.

We don’t need a government. We need is a Protectorate - to protect our lives, liberty and property.

How true!

Part 2: Mr. Griffin recaps the history & formation of the Federal Reserve System, which was initially sold to the public as a means of controlling the banks…but the Federal Reserve Act was actually written by the people behind the banks in the secrecy of Jekyll Island in 1910….. it’s a fraud.They did not create a government agency, but a a cartel instead. We can see it in action today, everyday!
Part 3: Why is the public so indifferent to all this fraud around them? Conditioning of the public through the educational system!
Action Time
Short term - Get out of debt, have enough gold, silver & food. d. Join Freedom Force International. Subscribe to RealityZone.
Longer term - Retake the system. Recapture our governments. Promote Individualism instead of Collectivism. 

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