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Yamashita’s Gold: Two sides of the Coin

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Here’s a Question, an Answer & a Rebuttal over the mystery of the “Yamashita’s Gold”. If you’ve not researched the issue, this discourse might be a good place to start.

Question: ”Yamashita’s Gold”, What do you think?

Yamashita's Gold

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“I know your are one of the world’s most studied experts on this subject, way ahead of me in knowledge, so I may not be

saying anything you haven’t already considered. I read the book ‘Yamashita’s Gold’ a couple of years ago. The quantities of gold written about stay in my mind. The information is all shadowy, of course. The idea that much of the Western world’s gold made its way to the Far East as payment for spices, silks, etc., also stays in my mind.

“That this gold was gathered up and moved around either before or during World War II also makes sense. It had to end up somewhere.

“Documentation is too thin to to be mainstream precious metals investment material, but where there’s smoke, there’s probably fire. So perhaps there is enough gold in the world to serve as backing for all the digital money that has been conjured up in recent years.

“Of course the powers that be do not want such golden shackles. I’ve seen the ‘mining statistics’-based analysis of how much gold should have been mined and should exist in stockpiles. It’s scholarly work, but there may be factors at work that haven’t been consider — such as that gold is now more plentiful on the earth’s surface than it was in early times.

“What do you think?”

GATA’s answer: “If U.S. had ‘Yamashita’s gold,’ they’d put it in Cracker Jack boxes

H.M., thanks for your note and the compliment but I’m not at all such an expert. To the contrary, the gold world is a big mystery to me, and GATA’s contribution is simply to raise the possibility that it is also actually a mystery to most supposed experts as well.

I’m aware of the Yamashita stories -

and particularly the one contending that a vast stash of gold plundered from Asia by Japanese forces during World War II was secretly confiscated by the United States. I have always discounted the story, in part because of the collapse of the London Gold Pool in 1968

and in part because of all the documentation GATA has pried out of government sources acknowledging or implying great scarcity of the metal:

For if so much hidden gold was available to it, the United States would not have been so desperate to close the gold pool as its reserves were depleted. Nor would the U.S. government through the years since World War II been so insistent on preventing a free gold market from developing. Indeed, if gold was actually as common as the Yamashita stories maintain, the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, and Bank of England already would have arranged for Louis d’Ors to be inserted as prizes in Cracker Jack and children’s cereal boxes.

After all, the way to devalue gold is to flood the world with it.

But what has the world been flooded with? Not real gold but “paper gold,” imaginary gold. This reliance on the imaginary and the ever-more-embarrassing secrecy imposed by Western central banks on their gold reserves and activities in the gold market argue for scarcity of the real thing rather than surplus.

They used to say on a popular television show that “the truth is out there.” More likely the truth is in there - in government files, like the files GATA pried open a little with the success of our recent federal Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Fed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia:

There are grounds for bringing more such lawsuits, and with sufficient financial support, GATA will undertake them. If it really had Yamashita’s gold, the U.S. government wouldn’t be fighting us so hard.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

Bix Weir’s Rebuttal: GATA Gets it Wrong on Yamashita’s Gold…but That’s OK!

Unfortunately, GATA gets it wrong here. This is one of the reasons I decided to go off on my own and create the Road to Roota website. Don’t get me wrong, the work that GATA does is essential in our battle against the Banksters but to shut your eyes to the “conspiracy side” is to miss a large part of what is going on. But I get it. Chris and Bill have worked tirelessly building “credibility” and I understand why they try to stay away from the more controversial topics. That is why I went off on my own.

From my research I am more than convinced that Yamashita’s gold is real and has been used by the US shadow government for years to fund their covert operations. All you have to do is read the exhaustive work of Sterling and Peggy Seagrave on the subject and you will understand. The book is called ”Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold” and it is a must read for anybody who wants to understand what goes on behind the scenes of the mysterious gold market.

The GATA posting talks about the documentation that supports their position (which is excellent) but for as much official documentation GATA has the Seagraves have discovered 10 times more to back up the Yamashita’s Gold story. This documentation ranges from US Government documents to Federal Reserve documents to Grand Jury testimony to US Congressional testimony and on and on. There are also CD’s of dozens of scanned original documents supporting the Seagraves claims in the book.

The end result from my analysis was that Yamishita’s Gold is 100% real.

Kudo’s to Chris for pointing out that GATA is not the expert on the mysteries and conspiracies of the gold market but there are experts out there for anyone who wants to spend the time to do the research. Here’s a couple places to start:

“Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold” by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave

The September 11 Commission Report (Gold information starts on page 153)

Once you fully research the Yamishita’s gold story you will come away with the same conclusion I did…That it is a true story and must be factored into the overall gold analysis.

But that it does not diminish the work of GATA or the fact that Gold (and Silver) are the best forms of money. They are far superior to the Quadrillions of paper and electronic monetary instruments being created that show no signs of “Production Slow-downs”. As a matter of fact, the GATA argument that if the Yamashita stories were true then the US would not go to the trouble of suppressing the price grossly underestimates the importance of Gold price suppression.

A better argument would be that the US deems Gold to be so important that they suppress the price IN SPITE of all the Yamashita’s gold available!

At the end of the day…Gold will continue to THRIVE even if they start putting gold coins in Cracker Jack boxes :-)


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