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Former George Soros Trader Victor Sperandeo Discusses in Detail the Potential for Hyperinflation

January 22, 2011 Leave a comment

1-month Silver price action

3-day Gold price action

Price action on PMs can be attributed to:-

  1. CME, operator of Comex increased margins for gold & silver by 6%.
  2. Banking cabal must have got wind of it, aggressively taking down Gold & Silver before official announcement. This is but one of many instances in recent weeks where margins were increased on falling prices - designed to speed up the liquidation of weak longs in the current take down episode. Gold & Silver have now been taken down well below their 50-day moving average. How low will it go is anyone’s guess. With the recent CFTC’s lame action (or inaction), only the demand for the very tight supply of physical PMs can reverse this to take both PMs to new highs.
  3. All this happening during the week when President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao cross swords over the Yuan & the Dollar.
  4. Gold & Silver - more political than precious!


Former George Soros trader Victor Sperandeo explains why the “economic recovery” paddled by the mainstream media amounts to nothing. So called “recovery” is no more than an illusionary growth temporarily achieved through massive debt growth and “money printing”. Watch part 2 below. Deflation is history, prepare for Hyperinflation.


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