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Currency Wars & Another “Drive-By-Shooting”

The world watches as…

  • US raised its debt ceiling - more borrowing, more printing
  • Swiss National Bank flooded its money markets as it tried to weaken the currency
  • Japan intervened in the currency markets to slow the rapid rise of the yen
  • News of Thailand, South Korea & even Greek central banks buying gold
  • Investors flee the stock markets, Dow plunged
  • Gold’s relentless push into all time highs continued
  • Silver climbed steeply against all major currencies

Obviously something had to be done as competitive devaluations and flight from fiat currencies into gold & silver gained momentum. And so, another orchestrated take down of PMs not unlike the Drive-By-Shooting event of May 1 just  took place…. and is still continuing as I write. Another margin hike??

Silver Takedown - Another Margin Hike Drive-By-Shooting?


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