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Silver Bomb


Paper silver prices have been subjected to severe downward pressure lately. If you identify yourself with the chap who wrote “I purchased my physical silver at $45.88/oz“ and viewed your silver purchases as an investment rather than a store of wealth, this interview may help calm your nerves.

Sean of SGTreport interviews Michael McDonald, co-author of the new book ‘The Silver Bomb’. Michael talks about:

  • Opportunity that will never happen again
  • Mathematical certainty that current global debt cannot be paid off
  • Silver could go down to $5/oz, but there’ll be no silver to buy at that price.
  • Manipulation of the silver market, & more
Part 2 discusses:

  • What happens if you “buy silver one day and the next it drops 20%”
  • Be your own Central Banker
  • Silver an irreplaceable metal in industry
  • Palladium Vs Silver
  • $500/oz silver, does it mean anything at all?
  • Fate of the USD as the world reserve currency


This chart helps to put into perspective some of the key points discussed above.


The BIG Picture (Where is Gold & Silver in the global financial landscape)
Mouse over each bar for details. Click on bars for data source.

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