Featured Audios & Videos [June, July, Aug 2012]


Marc Faber’s forecast on the global economy

Chris Powell talks to Lauren Lyster (RT) on Silver Manipulation & Gold Audit at NY Fed. Read more at Own Physical Gold, But Audit Paper Gold.

Eurozone Endgame: Not Armageddon, but a Blessing.

Mike Maloney tells Bernanke “Quit and Close the Federal Reserve!”

RT’s CrossTalk: Libor or Lie-more?

John Williams of Shadowstats.com: The Next Crash Will Be A Lot Worse!

The Derivatives Nightmare: Part 1 - A blatant Wall Street fraud that goes far beyond the fraud of fractional reserve banking

The Derivatives Nightmare: Part 2 - There is an estimated $1,000 Trillion in Derivatives outstanding. Check out this chart to see where Derivatives stand in the global financial landscape.

The Day the Dollar Died: Be prepared!

Pimco’s El-Erian: “There’s only one thing worse than preparing for a crisis that doesn’t happen, and that is not being prepared for a crisis that does happen.” We’re seeing a Synchronized Global Slowdown…. Do your contingencies plan & scenario analysis now.

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